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Your Support Matters in Weston!

In the historic town of Weston, we stand united in our vision for a prosperous and thriving community. Every contribution, large or small, is a powerful testament to our shared Republican values and commitment to building a brighter future for all. By donating to the Weston Republican Town Committee, you are directly supporting candidates, initiatives, and ideas that resonate with our town's rich heritage and promising potential. Whether you choose to contribute via our convenient web-based donation platform or our traditional paper form, your generosity fuels positive change, empowerment, and growth right here in Weston. Join hands with us today, and let's make Weston's future shine even brighter!

Option 1: Donate Online

Give to the Weston Republicans Here

Option 2: Print and Mail
Step 1:
Individual Contributor Certification Form
Print out the form and then fill it out completely 
Step 2:
Send the form along with a check made payable to
"Weston Republican Town Committee" to:
Weston Republican Town Committee

P.O. Box 1012

Weston, CT 06883

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