Meet and Greet for Adam Dunsby for 135th Legislative District

Adam Dunsby, Candidate for CT State Rep. Dist 135

Please support Adam Dunsby, the Republican Candidate for Re-Election to Connecticut’s 135th Legislative District

When: Sunday, March 4th
3 – 5 pm
Where: At the Jewetts’ home
112 Wells Hill Road

Donations to Dunsby 2018 are encouraged!

Meet Rone Baldwin, July 22nd, 4pm-6:30pm @ 154 Steep Hill Road

Date:    Saturday, July 22, 2017 
Time:    4:00 – 6:30 pm
Where: 154 Steep Hill Road, Weston CT
Hosts:   Dallas and Pam Kersey

We invite you and your spouse/friend to join us to get to know Rone Baldwin, RTC candidate for the Board of Finance.

Rone has been living and working in St. Louis for four years, has returned home (a long-time Weston resident), and has much to bring to the Board of Finance.

It’s important we all get to know Rone so we can put all our energy into getting him elected to the Board of Finance.


Tony Hwang
Tony Hwang


Be Part of the Change We Need to See in Connecticut

Good afternoon friends, neighbors and family,

First, let me say thank you. These past 2 legislative sessions have been some of the toughest in Connecticut’s history. Your words of encouragement, insight, ideas and yes even your frustrations, made me stronger for both you and our state, every single day. Like you, I believe our state is worth fighting for and I hope to be the person in Hartford that continues to do so for us all. Hand in hand, we can make the changes our state needs. But we must be “in it to win it”.

With that in mind, I am asking for your support in raising the funds needed to assist in making that a reality this Nov. 8th, 2016, as we kick off this re-election campaign.

In order to qualify for state campaign funds, I must obtain donations from Fairfield, Southport, Westport, Weston, Easton and Newtown/Sandy Hook residents/constituents of $100 or less.  Each individual donation counts toward my goal of 500 total contributions and $15,000.

If I reach that goal I will qualify for state campaign funds; a uniquely CT campaign finance reform program that focuses on grass-root fundraising instead of special interest/corporate money/influence.  Your personal contributions matter to me. Your contributions say you believe in me and the work I do on your behalf.  You believe in a better vision for Connecticut.  I invite you to be part of the change we need to see in Connecticut. We can do much better, we have to do better and we all deserve better.

Each individual can go online or fill out the attached form via  I also invite you to share this with your friends and neighbors and because so much of what we do affects the future of our youth, kids over the age of 12 can now also show support with a donation. My suggestion is $5.

Many thanks again for your help, friendship along with your DONATION and support!