Former Green Party Candidate Endorses Dunsby by Gabriel B. Rossi

Adam Dunsby, Candidate for CT State Rep. Dist 135
Adam Dunsby, Candidate for CT State Rep. Dist 135

Let’s face it, it’s a tough year for down-ballot candidates. With historic levels of distaste for our presidential nominees and a sincere lack of split-ticket voters, state politicians are left scratching their heads. An increasing unwillingness to differentiate local campaigns from national discourse is an understated causality of a political system in crisis and a terrible precedent for American democracy.

Six years ago, I ran for state representative in the 135 th district on the Green party ticket, so it may come as a surprise to learn that I am not endorsing the Green party candidate for that office today. And I’ll admit that I am tempted to punish republican nominees for their party’s front-runner, but when I reflect on Dr. Dunsby’s excellent performance as Easton’s first selectman, his incredible family, and all I know of him as a community leader and neighbor, I am confident in my decision to split the ticket this November and vote Dunsby for Connecticut Legislature.

Here are three reasons why other liberals should consider the same—even if you have to close one eye to cast your vote: First off, Dunsby is an environmentalist. He was the first person I know to drive an electric car; he is a strong supporter of alternative energy; and he is endorsed by the CT League of Conservation Voters in this election.

Secondly, Dunsby has skin in the game. All of his kids have attended public schools and he is a supporter of public education, serving (formerly) as chair of Easton’s Board of Education and on the representative council of our regional, educational service agency.

Lastly, Dunsby is prepared to serve. His background as a local politician and successful businessperson gives him the right balance of temperament and know-how to address the big challenges facing our state and communities.

So, as you stumble into the voting booth this November, red in the face at the top of the ticket, consider giving Dunsby a chance before blindly swiping across the party line; in my opinion, he has earned it.

Adam Dunsby debates Bonnie Troy for State House of Representative seat

Adam Dunsby and Bonnie Troy are running for the state house of representatives.
Adam Dunsby and Bonnie Troy are running for the state house of representatives.

Our Candidate for State Representative, Adam Dunsby offered serious, positive solutions for the economic challenges facing Connecticut. His opponent Green Party candidate confessed she didn’t know much about how the state’s finances work, and stated multiple times that the best way to grow Connecticut’s economy was to grow marijuana and make it legal in our state.

“For anyone that saw the debate on Saturday for the 135th State Representative seat, it is clear that there is only one serious candidate for the job! Adam Dunsby proposed specific ideas on taxes, spending cuts, and regulatory reform to keep Connecticut business from leaving the state. His opponent, Bonnie Troy admitted that “having not been in Hartford, I really don’t understand how the spending works.” Her only specific proposal throughout the debate was to push for the legalization of recreational use of marijuana. As the current First Selectman of Easton, Adam has the executive experience and the knowledge of the state budget process necessary to address the current problems facing Connecticut. Be sure to VOTE on Nov. 8th for ADAM DUNSBY!!!” – Bob Ferguson, Weston RTC Chairman

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Young Republican Club from Weston High School visit RTC

2016 Young Republicans Weston High School
2016 Young Republicans Weston High School

Members of the Young Republican Club from Weston High School attended the Weston RTC meeting last night, and got to spend some time with Adam Dunsby – Candidate for CT State Rep Dist. 135, and State Senator Toni Boucher. It’s great to see our young adults participating in the political process!

Weston League of Women Voters Debates Set – October 8th

The Weston League of Women Voters will host a debate for State Representative District 135 on Saturday October 8th at Weston Town Hall from 10:30am – 12noon.  Please come to support Easton First Selectman, Adam Dunsby who is seeking the office being vacated by John Shaban (candidate for U.S. Congress).  Adam will be debating Bonnie Troy, the Green Party Candidate.  In other news, Adam received the Independent Party nomination as well.  The League is planning another debate for U.S. Congress, CT 4.

Adam Dunsby, Candidate for CT State Rep. Dist 135
Adam Dunsby, Candidate for CT State Rep. Dist 135

Shaban to Host Opioid Forum at Weston Town Hall

An Important Conversation on Connecticut’s Opioid Addiction Crises, hosted by CT State Rep John Shaban, will be held Wednesday, August 31st at 8PM at Weston Town Hall. Panelists include First Selectman Nina Daniel, Police Chief John Troxell, Easton First Selectman Adam Dunsby, Easton Police Chief Tim Shaw, Redding First Selectman Julia Pemberton, Redding Police Chief Douglas Fuchs, WestCOG associate planner Elizabeth Esposito and Mid-Fairfield substance abuse coalition director Giovanna Pisano. The event is open the public.

2016 Weston RTC Clambake

Our 2016 RTC Clambake was one of the most successful ever!  Thank you to all our volunteers and especially to Britta Lerner!  We were so fortunate to have so many of our CT Republican Stars join us, including U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Carter, U.S. Congress Candidate John Shaban, Candidate for CT Representative Adam Dunsby, State Senators Toni Boucher and Tony Hwang, First Selectman Nina Daniel, CT Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano, Probate Judge Lisa Wexler and many more.  View the photo gallery here.

Weston Republicans enjoying this year’s festivities
Jess DiPasquale with U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Carter
Adam Dunsby, Candidate for CT Representative 135th District
Candidate for U.S. Congress John Shaban with Tom Failla