Weston Republican Town Committee endorses candidates

The Weston Republican Town Committee on April 12 unanimously endorsed the following candidates for office:
John Shaban for 4th Congressional District
Toni Boucher for 26th State Senate
Tony Hwang for 28th State Senate
Adam Dunsby for 135th State House of Representatives (pictured below)

Adam Dunsby

Weston RTC Chair Bob Ferguson said, “We are excited to have so many candidates running for office that have faithfully served Weston and the State of Connecticut for years. Considering the State’s current fiscal woes, we need representatives with proven track records that have consistently fought for fiscal responsibility and against the administration’s runaway spending policies.”

Bob Ferguson Elected New Chairman, Weston RTC

State Rep John Shaban congratulates Bob Ferguson as new RTC Chair.
State Rep John Shaban congratulates Bob Ferguson as new RTC Chair.

The Weston RTC elected Bob Ferguson as its new Chairman on March 8th for a two-year term.  Bob is a life-long Republican who joined the RTC in 2014.  He served as Campaign Chair for the last two elections, including the 2015 campaign which took back the First Selectman seat with the election of Nina Daniel.  Bob spent his 25-year career in finance, most recently as Managing Director with Barclays.  He is also an active member of Weston Kiwanis and St. Francis of Assisi.

“I am excited to step into the role of RTC chair and build on the success that Britta Lerner built over the past six years, Bob said.  “I will continue to fight for strong conservative values and encourage fiscal responsibility for Weston, while retaining the unique characteristics of our town.  We are committed to furthering the success of Republican candidates in Weston and throughout the state.”

Mitchell & Troxell Join RTC

The RTC recently added two new board members – Jenny Mitchell and Dana Troxell.  Jenny and her family have lived in Weston for 13 years.  She is very active in Norfield Church and is also involved in Weston Neighbors & Newcomers. Dana is President of Miller/Howard Investments and is a 24-year resident of Weston.

Jenny Mitchell
Jenny Mitchell
Dana Troxell
Dana Troxell

Eileen Buckley Named Life Member – Weston RTC

The Weston RTC, unanimously approved Eileen Buckley as Life Member for her many years of distinguished service on behalf of the RTC as well as state and local GOP candidates.  During her four decades on the RTC, Eileen has handled countless projects from driving candidates door-to-door, to working on candidate mailings, to manning the polls on Election Day.  Plus Eileen was the Republican Registrar of Voters form 1987 – 2009.

Eileen2State Senator Toni Boucher and State Representative John Shaban presented Eileen with a Connecticut General Assembly Official Citation for her efforts on behalf of the town of Weston, and local and state Republican politics.


Congratulations Weston Republicans

Thank you to all our wonderful GOP Candidates and to all those who volunteered your time, support and donations.  Congratulations to Nina Daniel, our new First Selectman & Dennis Tracey, our returning Selectman.  Also congratulations to our new Board of Education member Jacqueline Kim Blechinger, and to all our returning Republican Board Members.
For complete Weston Election Results, go here.

Jacqueline Kim Blechinger
Jacqueline Kim Blechinger
Nina Daniel & Dennis Tracey
Nina Daniel & Dennis Tracey

The Weston Forum ENDORSES Nina Daniel for First Selectman

Nina_Daniel_FirstSelectman-endorsedFor FIRST SELECTMAN – The endorsement goes to Republican Nina Daniel

At the top of the ticket, First Selectman Gayle Weinstein is running for a fourth term, but it’s one too many.

When the chief elected official starts treating the town like her own personal business, she forgets that she is a steward of the community.

Last year, a prohibitive practice complaint was filed by the public works union when the first selectman’s son was given a job as a seasonal town employee at the transfer station. The incident called to question why the first selectman’s son was hired by the town in the first place. Was it favoritism, nepotism or just poor judgment?

The Republican registrar of voters and deputy registrar resigned recently following a clash with Weinstein claiming she had created a “corrosive and increasingly inhospitable work environment” for them.

Weston’s chief of police resigned a few years ago following a heated conflict with Weinstein over two military surplus Humvees. Fortunately, the Weston community rallied to his support and he withdrew his resignation.

Weinstein’s leadership and management style is disrupting town hall and workers are suffering from low morale, affecting their ability to get their jobs done.

We have elections for a reason. People aren’t expected to hold public office forever. Sometimes a change of the guard is a good thing in order to make progress and move forward.

If the job brings out the first selectman’s unprofessional temperament and conduct, it’s time to step down.

In this election, it’s time to elect someone who has the background, experience and ability to get along with others to lead Weston.

*** Nina Daniel
has worked for the betterment of both Weston’s children and senior citizens as a member of the Board of Education, Commission on Aging, and founder and president of the Friends of the Weston Senior Center.

Daniel has an excellent working relationship with school board members and the superintendent of schools, and has supported excellence in education, working collegially on the board for initiatives for the schools.

Daniel can see projects through from conceptualization to completion.  She spearheaded the plan to refurbish the Senior Center, and has worked to raise funds to help pay for its improvements.

Because of her community involvement, it was no surprise that Daniel was named Weston’s Citizen of the year in 2014.

Daniel’s education background is impressive. She brings a lot to the table as a Fulbright scholar and graduate of Bryn Mawr College and Princeton University.

Will there be a learning curve if Daniel is elected first selectman? Sure, just as there was a learning curve for Weinstein before her.   As Weston faces important issues such as a declining school enrollment and shrinking grand list, it needs a leader at the helm who can work cooperatively with others to get the job done.

For her proven ability to do just that, Nina Daniel is the better choice for first selectman.

The Weston Forum ENDORSES Dennis Tracey for Board of Selectman

For selectmanNina_Daniel_Dennis_Tracey_BOS-endorsement, incumbent Dennis Tracey is running against political newcomer Chris Spaulding.

Spaulding, a life coach, has a positive personality and disposition, qualities that would serve him well on any Weston board or commission.   But in Spaulding’s first run for political office, he is challenging Dennis Tracey, who has served the town exceptionally well for the past four years.

As the managing law partner of a renowned international law firm, Tracey brings many positive leadership qualities to the board. He is a thoughtful listener who encourages open discussion, allowing members of the community to weigh in on important matters.  He also speaks up as a voice of reason when he believes there is inequity on an issue.

Tracey has proven he is more than an elected official. He is a statesman of high integrity and caliber and Weston is fortunate to have him on the Board of Selectmen. Dennis Tracey deserves re-election.

The Weston Forum ENDORSES Bob Ferguson for Board of Finance

Bob_Ferguson_bof-endorsedSince May, Bob Ferguson has been filling a vacancy on the board.

During town budget discussions he has proven to be thoughtful, knowledgeable, and very good at communicating with the public during difficult times.

Ferguson has a strong financial background that will serve the town well, with 25 years’ experience with banks and Wall Street firms including Barclays and Wachovia. Challenger Sarah Schlechter also has a financial background, but Ferguson has proven he is up to the job and deserves the opportunity to continue his service on the finance board.

Bob Ferguson deserves the vote for the Board of Finance.